Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Twelve Wild Swans

I've had this book on my Kobo for roughly five years now and never really got any further than the introduction (my bad)... but in meditation earlier today I kept hearing the words Twelve Wild Swans and when I turned my Kobo on to charge it up for later on - this was the first book on the home page.... so I guess it's time I went a bit further than page 30!

For anyone interested here is Amazon's blurb about the book.....

Starhawk and Hilary Valentine, renowned leaders in the Wicca movement, use the transformative fairy tale of The Twelve Wild Swans to teach an advanced class on magic. More significantly, this is an introduction to a mature level of Wicca called "Reclaiming"--a model of witchcraft that blends magic, personal growth and activism. The book begins with the first chapter of the fairytale, in which a foolish queen wishes to exchange her 12 sons for a daughter. An old woman "dressed all in black" overhears the queen and makes the wish come true--granting the queen a daughter but turning her sons into wild swans.
From here the coauthors launch into a back-and forth structure of telling the story and then stopping to show how it applies to a witch's initiation and transformation. For example, we all must leave the castle in order to heal our past. We all must spend some time wandering in the wilderness before finding our true home and we all must conquer some form of "wicked vows" before we can reach full maturity. These are wise leaders and strong guides--well worth following on this life-altering fairytale. --Tara West

So, as this morning I was drawn to pull cards to do a bit more journalling, I thought it might be a good idea (make me accountable) to blog my experiences as I work through this book.  It may be something that 'dies a death' or it may be a life changing experience - who knows, but I'm excited to start.... 

Til next time 

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